What You Need to Know About Wood and Floor Restoration

Wood and floor restoration has become a big industry in the past few years. Its popularity is based on two things, first is the fact that this industry is not regulated by any Federal Agency, and second is the increasing demand for wood and floor restoration services.

When you go into a wood and floor restoration company you are essentially getting a refinishing service. The only difference between the two is the method that they use to do it. Refinishing can actually make the floors look very different in appearance; though I should point out that I really don’t recommend the use of a finish on your floors, it is an extremely harsh surface that can cause your floors to fail quickly.

Wood and floor refinishing professionals will typically use one of two techniques to refinish the wood. The first is known as hardwood or softwood floor refinishing. Hardwood refinishing is when the floors are sanded down so that they are even, and then a coat of epoxy is applied to them.

On the other hand, softwood floors are sanded so that they are more uniform, and then a thin coating of epoxy is applied. This also offers the customers a choice of colors and finishes that is a little bit easier to the customer’s eye. I would suggest that you hire a contractor that has experience with both types of wood floor refinishing if possible.

When I was doing my professional wood refinishing training back in the 80’s, the first two techniques that were used were the sandblasting and sanding methods. Today, the two methods have completely changed and these two are a type of modern wood refinishing called electro-polishing.

Electro-polishing is a method of refinishing that has been around for many years but not until recently has been very popular. An electro-polishing technician will use a very high voltage ionic water jet that will etch the wood into the correct pattern and colors. The polish will be able to be applied to the wood from several different angles so that there is an even distribution of the polish across the surface.

The second most popular option is called a monolithic polishing. This process does not utilize the use of electricity, it is simply a process that allows the products of the electro-polishing to be applied to the wood at a very high temperature.

One important thing to know about wood and floor refinishing is that the employees that do this work should always be provided with safety equipment. There are now commercial grade finishing products that are specifically designed to protect those who are working with chemicals. This is especially important when it comes to epoxy.

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